Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1: What makes a successful school?

[SITUATION] I have worked in various schools considered to have varying levels of success. [TASK] For me, a successful school needs to be one where the pupils are academically performing. There then needs to be a number of disciplinary issues. Pupil and parent engagement is also a good indicator. The school’s management structure must also be seen to be robust. [ACTION] When starting at any school I would seek to assess these and consider how I could contribute to their improvement. This can be either directly through my teaching or contributing outside of my direct remit. [RESULT] The success of the school is ultimately good for all involved, most prominently the students we serve,

Question 2: How do you judge the achievement of pupils in your subject?

[SITUATION] I have been in many teaching roles, all with this at its core. Without understanding progress, I am unable to support those struggling or challenge those doing well. [TASK] I would use observation, test results and pupil feedback to understand how a student is doing. [ACTION] With this assessment I would then identify additional support, resources or challenge as appropriate. [RESULT] I have, as a teacher, had great success with pupils and their achievement,

Question 3: How would you cope with a child constantly interrupting the lesson?

[SITUATION] This, as with all teachers, has been an issue I have experienced and addressed many times. [TASK] It is a teacher’s responsibility to consider the individual learning of a student but, if disruptive, it is equally important to consider the impact this has on the learning of others. [ACTION] I would seek to understand the reason for the disruption and be clear in my directive for it to cease. If it continued I may move the student or have private word seeking their agreement to cease. Should it continue, I may consider more formal sanctions such as detention or escalation to a senior teacher. [RESULT] I have always managed to diffuse situations such as this informally and am proud this is the case.

Answering Teacher Interview Questions and Answers – Standouty’s STAR Methodology

All of our Teacher Interview Questions and Answers are based on the STAR method. This is recognised across the industry as the BEST method for answering interview questions. If used well the panel will be unaware of its use but consider your answer to be well constructed, methodical and just plain AMAZING.

The STAR Technique involves constructing your answer in the following way:


Set the context of your answer. Tell the panel, where, when and why this situation came to be. For example, “Whilst working in my current role, we were holding an event in which 100 plus people were due to attend any minute. That’s when I was notified the caterers weren’t able to make it.”


What did you have to do. For example, “I had to organise alternative caterers and without the guests knowing. The failure of the event would have been a disaster for the company.”


What did you actually do. For example, “I spoke to the venue owner and we identified other caterers who may be able to help at short notice. I contacted all of them and identified one who could cater the event albeit one hour later than planned.”


How did the situation play out. For example, “Catering was provided in line with guest expectations. The evening, after this initial hiccup, went seamlessly. I was congratulated by the senior managers for sorting out what could have been a catastrophe.”

Constructing your answers in this way will ensure you fully address the question / scenario given and the criteria the panel are measuring you against.

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