The BEST Job Interview Tips

Here are Standouty we are always seeking the best job interview tips, tricks and hacks to ensure you give your very BEST at job interview. We come across A LOT! So we thought it was time to pick out the ones we know to have the best success and put them in one place. So, here it is. Our BEST tips for job interviews.

Standouty Tip 1 – PREPARE

As the old saying goes, Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail! No more so is this true than with a job interview. We have dedicated an entire article (see: to preparing for an interview, that shows how important we think it is. If you’re going to give a great performance you need to have prepared. This ranges from researching the company and industry but most importantly anticipating the questions you may be asked and preparing appropriate answers for these. Visit the job and skill specific questions and answers section of this site for model answers for the job you’re going for.


Interviews are one of life’s most stressful endeavours and stress impacts performance. Your goal, reduce this AS MUCH as possible. On the night before, do a final run through of your prepared answers, prepare your outfit (more at: and PLAN YOUR ROUTE.

On the morning of wake up to an early alarm. Get a good breakfast. Make sure you have everything you need (copy CVs / Resumes, certificates and identification) and leave early accounting for bad traffic and parking.

Standouty Tip 3 – USE THE STAR METHOD

The STAR method is recognised as the BEST way to answer questions. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. It is a way of structuring your answers the best way to demonstrate your skills, experience and tick the interviewers boxes! Check out our full article on the STAR methods at


All interviewers worth their salt will offer you the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the interview. Don’t have anything to ask and you run the risk of looking uninterested. Ask a random question and you may just blow your good work. Ask an educated and informed question and you leave them with a great lasting impression. So, what to ask? We’ve a full list of great closing questions at:

And that’s it! Its not our game to give you unwieldy lists of things to do and don’t do. We want to keep things to the POINT! Follow the above and you WILL get that DREAM job.

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GOOD LUCK from all at Standouty!

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