STAR Interview Technique

STAR Interview Technique

What is STAR interview technique for a job interview and how to follow it?

 The STAR interview technique is well recognised as the most effective and successful way for candidates to answer interview questions. Using the STAR methodology, a candidate can provide a specific example to support an the answer to a question to evidence their competence in a specific area. ALL of Standouty’s MODEL Interview Questions and Answers are developed using this methodology and can be found by clicking here for skills based interview questions and answers and her for job specific interview questions and answers

STAR is an acronym, broken down as follows:

S – Situation

First start by describing the situation in which you were placed. What was your role, when did this happen and what had caused the situation you are using for your example to occur. How did you feel. This segment of your interview question should always quickly allow the interviewer to understand fully the scenario, pressures and environment.

T – Task

Next, describe your specific task, responsibilities or duties in relation to the example. What was your specific role? What were the constraints? What was the deliverable? If you were in a team, what were YOU specifically responsible for? Try to be as tangible as possible, don’t say things such as ‘we had to do the best we could’ etc.

A – Action

Now, describe what you actually DID. And be specific. The interviewer needs to understand how YOU handled the situation. What steps did you take? What equipment did you use? How did you make others deliver on their responsibilities? Be clear, be concise.

R – Result

OK, finally, what was the RESULT of the above situation, task and action? Again, be explicit. If you can quantify the outcome. Instead of saying ‘we had a good sales day’ say ‘sales were up 150% on the day before’s’. Try to use figures, these really impress. Try and leave the interviewer with the clear understanding that these results were the DIRECT impact of your input.

The STAR interview technique, when used correctly, is seamless and undetectable to the interviewer. It will provide a well balanced and concise answer SURE to tick ALL of an interview’s criteria. This can take practice though, so make Standouty’s model interview questions and answers a cornerstone for your interview preparation. As the adage goes, Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail!

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