Dress to Impress – What to wear at an Interview

What to wear at an interview?

The interview is the inevitable reality that every person has to face in order to get that DREAM job. How to make that great first impression is the question that arises in every candidate’s mind, right? First impressions are formed within 7 seconds, and often before the first word is uttered. So, on what basis is that opinion formed? Your appearance. So, the question is how to dress for a job interview. Well, let’s talk. Here is Standouty’s guide for Male and Female attire to secure that dream job.

For the men – what to wear at an interview:

  • Dress in a way that suits the position you are applying for. In most cases, a suit is the best option. Go with a matching jacket and pants, shirt (light shirt with dark colored jacket), tie, coordinating socks and shoes.
  • To perform your level best, you need to be comfortable in yourself. So, don’t go ‘slim’ fit if this isn’t you! Your outfit should be comfortable and fit you well.
  • Avoid bright colors dress and dress in a more business appropriate style. Make sure your outfit is clean and well-pressed.
  • Sounds obvious but don’t forget to brush your teeth and take a shower. A shave wouldn’t go amiss the morning of the interview.
  • Always wear deodorant and keep away from over powering after-shave.
  • If you’re of the bearded persuasion, keep it neat and well-trimmed.
  • Avoid eating strong odour food or smoking immediately before the interview.

For the women – what to wear at an interview:

  • Like the men, dress in a way that suits the position you are applying for. A jacket with matching skirt or pants is usually appropriate.
  • Be comfortable in what you are wearing. You perform at your best when comfortable.
  • Aim for simple, sober and dark in color. Avoid over-fitted, bright colored or too short or long dresses. If wearing a skirt, this should be of knee-length.
  • When it comes to the makeup, you should wear the makeup that matches or seems neutral to your skin tone.
  • Your jewelry, as well as hair accessories, should be minimal.
  • Wear the appropriate shoes with preferably low heels.
  • Shower and brush your teeth. Avoid smoking or eating strong odour food just before the interview.
  • Your hair should be well maintained and properly tied so that you feel comfortable during the interview.

For everyone:

  • Avoid chewing gum and bringing coffee or soda into the interview.
  • If you have tattoos, consider covering them up if possible.
  • Avoid excessive jewellery.

Follow these tips and make those first 7 SECONDS count!

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