The MOST Common Mistake Made in Interviews

The most common interview mistake? NOT answering the question!

Job interviews aren’t a conversation! Having spoken confidently throughout does not mean you have done well.

Recruiters know what they are looking for. They spend a great deal of time understanding the requirements of the role and developing questions that will identify whether the candidate can meet these requirements or not.

To do so, they will first set out the question. They will then consider the answers they need to from candidates to prove their abilities.

Therefore, to avoid the most common interview mistake and to score well at an interview you have to answer the questions, demonstrating you have the skills, experience and attitudes to deliver against the role. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? You’d be surprised!

Successful candidates take the time to understand the underlying purpose of a question and provide information that demonstrates that they have the skill or competency that the interviewer is looking for.

The key here is to anticipate the questions (or at least the themes). You can do this by reading the recruitment materials and talking to the recruiter, if possible, prior to the interview. You must then visit and review the extensive range of interview questions and answers by role and different skills. Use these in your interview preparation.

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Finding out what skills, competencies and experiences the employer is looking for before the interview will allow you to quickly assess what each question is designed to explore.

You should always take a couple of seconds, after being asked the question, before you give your response – this will give you time to process the meaning of the question before you provide your answer. The end result will be much more considered and focused answer that proves you have the skill or competency that the Hiring Manager is looking for.

Lastly, if you are unable to give an answer you’re happy with, ALWAYS ask to come back to the question at the end of the interview.

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