Questions to Ask at the END of the Interview

Why do I need questions to ask at the end of an interview?

Ok, so here’s the scenario. You made a great application for the job and, rightly so, you got an interview. You prepared, prepared and then prepared some more. You arrived early for the interview and felt at your best. You made a great first impression with the interviewers. You had prepared for all of the questions they threw at you and could give AWESOME answers using the STAR methodology. They were clearly impressed. As the interview came to a close they did what all great interviewers SHOULD do…they asked ‘Do you have any questions for us?’.

This is your last chance to impress. Ask nothing at the end of an interview, and they don’t think you’re that interested. Ask a ridiculous question at the end of an interview and all that hard work is blown. Ask the RIGHT question and you SEAL THE DEAL.

You need to be prepared. You need intelligent questions at the end of an interview that PROVE your interest in the Company and them as interviewers.

Here are Standouty’s TOP Questions to ask at the end of an interview.

The first few months

What challenges will there be in my first three months?

How can I impress in my first few months in the role?


Is there room for me to develop in this role?

What training opportunities do you offer?

How will this role help me to reach my career goals?

About the panel

What do you enjoy about working here?

What’s your favourite aspect of the company culture?

About the role

How does my role fit in with the team I may be working with?

How does my job affect the company as a whole?

What challenges will my team face?

About the Company

How is performance reviewed in my job position?

How is performance measured?

About you

Is there anything more you’d like to know about me?

When can I expect to hear the outcome of the process?

And Finally…..

Follow these top tips to leave a lasting impression with the panel:

1) Ensure they have your correct contact details.

2) Thanks them for their time and express your gratitude for the opportunity to meet them

3) Shake the hand of each of the recruiters, nothing too aggressive, firm for the male interviews, less so for the females

4) Ensure you take everything with you

5) Leave confidently and in a manner showing satisfaction with your performance (even if this isn’t the case!)

Use any of these questions at the end of an interview and you’re sure to impress.

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